NancyJeanette Long Fine Art

FIGURE ART What makes this person someone to remember?

What I capture, what I feel and what you see are very different, yet the experience of sharing the new painting creates the briefest connection between you and me.

Girl with a Green Turban
Blue Tick Hound

ANIMALS Sometimes I see a color that pulls the strings of the entire painting.

At other times, it is a sense of individuality I see in the animal itself that decides how the painting will go.

LAND & CITY The colors of nature cannot be duplicated in paint...

but I keep trying. I want to capture the absolute joy that you feel when the light shows us vibrant, completely unexpected color.

Goslar Canal, Germany
Birthday Bouquet

Still Life & Florals Nobody sees a flower - it's so small.

We haven't time -and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.